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About us

National Music Schools Association has been founded in 22 December, 2003. The purpose of the Association was to live their willingness to cooperate in the structures and activities of the European Music School Union (EMU).

The structure came in 2006 during the 31st EMU General Assembly Conference in Kuopio, Finland on 13-15 November 2006.

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EMU Conference - "Creativity & Talent"

In the spring of 2013, will be held in Poland 38th meeting of the EMU General Assembly EMU 1973 - 2013 : 40 years for Music Education / Conference: Talent and Creativity. On May 9-12, will invite members of the EMU to the Castle in Krasiczyn located near Przemysl - unique in terms of location, the city of more than a thousand years old history. Read more »